Martijn Martens is a filmmaker, cinematographer and entrepeneur based in Heerlen, the Netherlands. He started making films when he was eleven years old. Inspired by skateboarding films he started capturing his friends' skateboard tricks on tape. This allowed him to develop his own unique style, which still sets his work apart today. 
He took his camera everywhere and soon other people started noticing him. Before he realized it, he found himself shooting and editing films for clients, mainly relatives and acquaintances. This enabled him to kickstart his career into where he is now. 
His work today consists mainly of shooting, producing and directing commercials, music videos, corporate films and events.
Among his other interests are photography, skateboarding, music production and traveling.
In April of 2018, he founded Cornfliks. A creative film production company focused on telling stories through the limitless power of film. This allowed him to merge his passion and knowledge with like-minded individuals to tackle bigger projects. Cornfliks produces corporate films, music videos, animations, wedding films & aftermovies.

Field experience
10+ Years of experience in filmmaking.
6+ Years of working as a professional in the field.
3+ Years of running Cornfliks - a creative film production company

Set experience
Cinematographer / Director of Photography on commercials, music videos and short films.
Camera operator at events, festivals and gatherings.
ENG Camera operator for (live) television and broadcast.
First assistant camera on various short films.
Gaffer, grip & lighting technician on short film & music video sets.

Camera experience
RED DSMC3/DSMC2 - Experienced. Operated daily.
Arri Alexa (Mini) - Experienced. Operated on various shoots.
Sony F55/F5/FX series - Experienced. Main camera at previous employer.
Canon C series - Moderate experience. Operated on several shoots.

DaVinci Resolve - Experienced. Almost daily for 3+ years.
Premiere Pro - Experienced. Almost daily for 6+ years. (Switched to Resolve)
After Effects - Experienced. ~Twice a week for 10+ years.

Filmmaking at Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology.
Theoretical Computer Science at Zuyd University

Previous employers
2017 - Camera Operator and Video Editor at Upendi Film
2014 - Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist at RTV Parkstad

Driver's license

RED Komodo 6K
Digital Cinema Camera

The RED Komodo shoots cinematic images at 6K resolution in REDcode raw with a global shutter. It's perfect as a  second, or even first camera. It's compact size makes it especially great for use on gimbals, car mounts and other places where a bigger camera won't go.
Freefly Movi Pro
Handheld camera stabilizer

The Movi allows creative camera moves without getting vibrations or camera shake in the final image. It also allows me to move very fast between takes or around an event. 
RED Raven 4.6K 
Digital Cinema Camera

The RED Raven shoots cinema quality images at 4.6K of resolution. It shoots in raw, allowing maximum flexibility and adjustment of camera settings in post. It also shoots raw at up to 300 frames per second for some crazy slow motion shots.​​​​​​​

- DZOFilm Pictor zooms
- Sigma: 18-35, 50-100, 24,70
- Tokina: 11-20
- Canon FD Primes

- Fluid head tripod 
- Dana Dolly
- 7" Directors Monitor and extra client monitor (wireless)
- Matte box and filter package
- Adicam cart
- Medium Jib Crane

Lighting & Grip Van
Fully equipped lighting van
Even though it's generally not a cinematographer's responsibility to bring all the equipment, I believe that repeatedly working with the same equipment yields better results and more efficiency in the field. Besides bringing camera equipment, I usually bring an assortment of the following lighting and grip equipment with me in my van:

- Large Aputure Lighting Package with most modifiers
- Large floppies and flags package
- Apple boxes, cardellinis, super clamps and other rigging equipment
- Combo stands, C-stands and other lighting stands
- Hazer machine

Behind the Scenes
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